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The genetic centre

The genetic centre

Our genetic breeding centre - one of the largest in the world - sells quail genetics for egg production (quails bred for egg-laying) and meat production (quails bred for meat). 
11 genetic
8 employees who
specialise in genetics
Technical health monitoring: 2 weekly inspections

The genetic selection centre

is approved by SYSAAF

The SYSAAF is the "Sélectionneurs Avicoles et Aquacoles Français" - The French Federation of Poultry and Aquaculture Breeders.

All of our genetic selection operations have been subject to a Sysaaf compliance audit for over 15 years.

11 different strains of quail

and the corresponding hybrids

We determine in consultation with the client the hybrid that best suits his or her production requirements and the working and feeding conditions.


Health standards

Caillor Genetics

The operation of the centre is in compliance with the standards of good practice:

  • Health barriers
  • Control of circulation flows
  • Input management (heat treatment of feed, disinfection at the entrance of the site, showers, etc.)
  • Separation between dirty and clean zones
  • Protocols for cleaning and disinfection.

The selection centre is isolated from the other Caillor farms and production zones.


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